It has arrived!!

The bikes are there! The bikes are there! 
The container has arrived safe and sound in Nsobe, Zambia. What a miracle! Even with Covid-related delays and everything getting more expensive in this world, the bikes make it in good time and on budget. I can only say that this happened because of the kindness, help and prayers of people who supported this endeavour. 
  • 278 adult bikes--picked up and dismantled thanks to blow torches, special tools and scraped knuckles!
  • 38 kids bikes, 2 wheelchairs, parts, tools, spare frames and a couple of footballs packed tightly away!
  • 3.5 years, multiple fundraisers and wine raffles!
  • Approximately 300 facemasks each cut, sewn and sold!
  • 3 kind bike shops, countless donors and strong bike packers!
  • Prayer warriors, encouragers and kind hearted souls! 
I say this to remind you all that this could not have been done alone. I am so thankful. We are more powerful together.

Please celebrate with me. Please do not discount how you have helped and continue to help this project and the people in Nsobe. Thank you!! 

What's next you ask? 

Due to timing, the container will be unpacked in Feb 2022. At that time, we will bring in the trainer and start the bike shop. We will also allocate bikes for the ambulances and build the trailers to help people get to the clinic. The children's bikes will go to the school and we will allocate the wheelchairs and other miscellaneous equipment. 

Stay tuned for updates in 2022. Looking forward to the new year and new opportunities.