I'm back in Zambia! Well, actually, I've been here since the beginning of May. But what a roller-coaster I've been on. Immigration tried to send me home (work-permit refusal) and that's taken a lot of my time (sleep, energy, life lol). We have, however, managed to get a few things on the go.

Thanks to a generous helping hands, we hope to have the container moved to the foundation next week.

In the meantime, we've moved the books into our office as a temporary library. Kids and adults can come and read the books while on the premises. They can leave them bookmarked and pick up where they left off the next time they visit.
Jonathan in the office/library
We've also got a twice-a-day kids program at the school. Misheck uses the time to teach kids music or give them a chance to play. Sometimes we do sports and I've started teaching them baseball (during my demonstrations on how to hit the ball, I got a lot of my immigration frustrations out--haha).

Kids playing darts and working on eye-hand coordination.
The knitting ladies continue to do their work and we have starting the sewing program. We've decided to do quilting/patch-work type of sewing to help us tap into a different market than the usual clothing sales. It also works well because we won't have our sewing machines up and running until the container is renovated. For now, we are teaching them to sew by hand--a handy skill to have anyway.
Knitting group with their wares

That's all for now. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.