Last Call!

So I had a small panic attack yesterday. I looked at the calendar and realized it's just two weeks until the container is shipped and only six weeks until I move to Zambia...move to Zambia. Wow! Am I ready? Packed? Mentally prepared? That's a "no" on all three counts. That's ok though, because if I really believed I was ready, I would be naive. You can't ever be fully prepared and ready for an adventure as this. Just gotta go with the flow...

The container on the other hand does have to be ready. It will be shipped in the last week of August--that's only 17days away. So here is the last call folks should you have anything to add to it. If you have any goods for the container, please contact me asap. I would like to have everything in hand by the 21st of August. See the "container" page for items I am still collecting.

Finally, if you're looking to pillage and plunder my stuff that I am not taking with me, I will be hosting a garage sale on the 20th of August. Kitchen appliances, dishes, some furniture, a dishwasher, photo equipment etc... and a car. I am also looking for a loving home for my wonderful cat who's been my best buddy for 16 years (*sigh*). Please contact me if you need more information (email is below).

Off we go!
From left: Lawrence, me and Mishek