About Hope Ignited

Hope Ignited began in 2009 with the dream to bring opportunities and empowerment to communities and individuals in Zambia. By providing opportunities to grow, learn and heal, Hope Ignited helps people experience God’s love and provision in a practical and actionable way. Poverty, lack of education, lack of access to heath care or transportation are all obstacles that get in the way of living life fully. By breaking the poverty cycle, individuals and communities have the opportunity to look beyond the immediate need and can see a different future.  Hope is important because it strengthens and provides the motivation for change. With practical help and the power of hope, individuals can make sustainable changes for their future, their families and their communities.

Hope Ignited believes in engaging local Canadian communities to help make this happen. This has always been a “we” project and the support of family, friends and community have made all this possible. Canadians get directly involved and see the impact they are making. They are also empowered and may also find their own dreams realized in the process.

Hope Ignited believes in sparking hope and igniting dreams (in Zambia and in Canada)—something every person deserves to have and what God wants for us all.

About Me

My name is Natasha Bomba. I have been on missions trips in Ethiopia and Zambia. My background is in teaching and training children and adults. I also play bass, lead worship and love to ride horses.

In 2008, I visited and fell in love with the people of the Kamafwesa community in Zambia. I was inspired by their courage and joy despite their circumstances.

Through my own journey, I have seen the way the love and hope of God can transform a person. Just a little hope can pick us up and help us keep going through the most difficult of circumstances.

I lived in Zambia for three years and then found I had to come back to Canada. It was a very hard transition and for the longest time, I couldn't fathom investing part of myself in missions projects again. But here I am, happy and excited and this new phase. What a blessing to be part of something that can really change people's lives.

Got a question? natasha@hopeignited.ca

2008...with the chicken the village gave me.