We've got all our bikes

Good news...the container is pretty much full. Bike collection is OVER! 

It's time to raise money to ship! If you can donate and would like a tax receipt, please go to The Freedom Centre and choose ZAMBIA BIKE PROJECT from the drop down. For other ways to donate, please visit the DONATE tab. 

Also collecting: spare parts, bike tools, sewing machines, voltage converter, laptops

Another big delivery

Today we loaded 73 bikes into the container. Thanks Dai and Matt who helped us load. Special thanks to Gears Bike Shop who've been donating their time, storage space and hard working hands to help out. I know there are a lot of people behind the scenes. There's still time to donate your bike. Drop it off at any Gears location across the GTA.

It's packing time!

The container is here and we are filling it up! This weekend we loaded approximately 75 bikes. This will be their last Canadian home before they travel overseas. Thanks to everyone who's helped the project get this far. 

Latest News

So happy to announce Hope Ignited's new partner--Gears Bike Shop! This is huge! Gears already has about 60 bikes for the project and has a huge network to get more. This is a amazing blessing! Bikes can also be dropped off directly at their locations! Click the picture to go to their site.

Arriving soon! Hope Ignited's container. I can't believe that after all these years I'm buying another container. She's arriving Friday, September the 13th. Good thing I'm not superstitious. I hope it's a pretty blue one like the picture. 
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I've lost count as to how many bikes I have at home, but the official count will come soon when we pack them all in. I'm estimating about 100.
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Bikes Bikes Bikes

It's been a while but the bikes have been coming in over the last few months. Here are some highlights. 
50 bikes, flattened and ready to go. 

Going to town, doin' the rounds. That's a big load. 

A few more including one that was just thrown out. 

A few more. 

Getting there but we have a lot more now. 

A few more. 
Myah agrees we're all doing a good job!