Updates for 2011

Many of you have been asking what the latest is regarding Zambia, when I'm going and how full the container is...well, here's the 411! :)

First, I'm still in Canada. Still in my cozy apartment, fighting the February blues and looking for ways to stay warm. But I think spring is just around the corner...I'm sure. And I guess, if we were to make a connection, the trip to Zambia has also been put on a deep freeze. It awaits spring thaw and a breakthrough to move forward.

Late last year, I was trying to make decisions on whether to keep living with the mindset of "soon being gone" or living life where I live now. I waited until the end of the year to decide on what to do. You see, there have been a lot of up and downs on the farm, and legal issues that caused us to lose all the accommodations where I was going to stay.

So for right now things are on hold--not over--no way! Since the beginning of the year, there have been more "internal cleanup" of people working on the project than you can imagine. This is all good news because when the timing is right, it will be right and ripe! And all the amazing stuff in the container, and all the projects will be placed into willing and capable hands--people with the right heart who want to bless and not take.

The container still needs to go this year. It's nearly full which is great. I'm not taking too many things for it at the moment since I don't want to pile up my apartment and currently there is a pile of snow in front of the container. My goal is to send it later this year (Aug/Sept) and stay at least 2 months to help put things in place. Hopefully, by that time, things will have stabilized generally and I'll have more details about my long range plans too.

The other great news is that we've raised about $7000 of the $10,000 needed to ship it. Isn't that awesome?? So by this fall I'm sure we'll have the rest.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement, love and support through these hard ups and downs. My friends in Zambia always send their wishes and love to you and really appreciate all you've done and the care you've shown them already. They are overwhelmed that you think of them so kindly. No matter what, even though we are not at the place we expected to be, this whole journey has brought more light to Zambia and the Kamafwesa community than ever before--and that matters a lot.

Please continue to keep the community and the school in your thoughts and prayers. We will certainly get there when the time is right.

Love and Blessings,
Zambian sunrise over the banana plants.