The Bunnies are SOLD OUT!

Happy New Year from all of us at Hope Ignited! May your new year be abundantly blessed!

The bunnies are SOLD OUT (Yaay!) but there are still ways you can help in the new year.

Monthly support: I'm looking for 100 people to donate $20 a month or 20 people to donate $100 a month.
Laptops and educational software: I need a laptop with a good battery and software we can use for literacy programs.
Knitting tools and wool: Needles, scissors, hooks, large plastic sewing needles etc. Anything you use to knit with.
Be an Intern! Start saving the world. I'm looking for a volunteer to help me with fundraising and managing Hope Ignited.

If you would like to contribute any of the above please go to the DONATE page or contact me.

Have a wonderful day! Click the picture for a video of the ladies graduating from last year's English classes.