News updates

Bunnies from our knitting group
Check out the Dream Factory Newsletter and the first page article about our women's empowerment group (written by me!). Click the link below.

Below are some pictures from the Mwenge B English classes we've initiated. Attendance has improved and we now have about 11 people total. Mwenge B is next to the old village that I used to work at so some of the women from Kamafwesa are part of this new group. This program is held in a rural bush area.
Beginner English class taught by local Zambian

Advanced English (my class!)

We also host a second literacy and knitting program in town. The compound is call Nkwazi and is close to me.
English class in Nkwazi
Prayer support
Please pray for the following:
Continued good attendance and community involvement in these programs
Financial provision for a vehicle and general expenses
Financial provision and vision to extend these programs to new groups
Personal protection, safety and stability for my stay in Zambia

Thank you for all your kindness, encouraging words and support. Please feel free to drop me a line or say hi anytime.

Note: You may wonder why attendance and involvement is such an issue. It seems that when people have been in poverty a long time, there is a poverty mentality and often a sense of jealousy. A poverty mentality occurs when people become more comfortable about where they are instead of what they could aspire to--something many of us have experienced--so they don't go for the opportunities in front of them. Jealousy is a bit different. Although these programs are open to everyone, those that are stuck in their poverty mentality, don't want to see others change or improve either. Therefore, they discourage other people from moving forward. As a result, the whole community stays poor--either in mind or spirit (just a little insight I thought you might be interested in). This is why I believe real change takes time and is manifested through relationship.