• Donated a laptop and plenty of children's educational software to the local rural school.
  • Built a swing set and see-saw for the children
  • Held a 2-day retreat for the local church focused on the God's love and getting to know Him

Sept 2011- early 2012

  • After a year and a half of gathering donations, we shipped a 20ft container from Canada to Zambia. It was filled with a combination of one-time donations, like clothes, and items for long-term projects, like sewing machines, music equipment and books
  • For three weeks we distributed clothes to the community and gift bags to the school children
  • With bicycles that came in the container, we were able to help four children  to get to school to reduce their walking time from hours (4-6) to minutes (45-60). We provided peer support to these kids and some continue to use their bikes today
  • We started the knitting program and our ladies finished their first projects
  • As part of an afterschool program, we opened one of the classrooms to the children so that they could have a safe environment for play and development
  • We started a bible study once a week for all ages
  • On the ground, "we" consisted mostly of Misheck and I--the project helped create local jobs and training
  • We renovated an old room into an office/library that was open to the local children to come and have access to books that they would never see otherwise


  • For most of 2012 to early 2013, we focused on managing and fine-tuning our programs
  • Our kids got better and more regular at attending piano and drum lessons
  • We spent time reading to kids and helping older kids with their literacy skills in the library
  • We had multiple, daily play sessions--for different ages and genders so that everyone could get a chance
  • Misheck was able to spend more time coaching and mentoring the boys in the football program
  • We converted the shipping container into a building that was intended to be a resource centre or a sewing school. It was beautiful
  • Our knitting program thrived, not only with improved skills but with the ladies communicating together, helping each other and learning basic business skills
  • My dad visited and while there I put him to work restoring the swing set for the kids


  • The latter part of 2013 brought on some major change. I changed NGOs and thus changed the community I was working with. But change can lead to good things if we let it so here are the highlights.
  • It was the year of the bunny and income generation! As well as continuing with my original group of knitters, two new knitting groups were started so we all worked on the same project--little bunnies. These bunnies were sold in local shops and abroad. It also helped the ladies to learn more business skills and recognize local opportunities
  • We started three English classes and brought on a local teacher to help with the beginner level. This generated a job and educational opportunities for adults. I taught the two advanced level classes


  • By this time it was good to see the knitting programs doing well on their own. Each time I would came back to Canada, I collected donations of needles, wool and other tools the ladies could use. This always boosted their income as they could sell the stuff made of Canadian wool at a higher price
  • I continued to mentor and check in with the knitting groups but little was needed. Mostly these were opportunities to get to know what personal challenges they might be facing and pray with them or share wisdom
  • One of my friends in Zambia was a highly skilled knitter so I organized classes to teach the ladies to read patterns. This was both a good opportunity for them to practice their English skills and take their knitting to the next level
  • Conducted bi-weekly personal development sessions (a form of counseling)
  • Talent Revolution was born and launched in 2014. My desire was to see this business impact the Zambian workforce by teaching leadership skills and values. I spent time setting up this business, creating a web site, building  training modules and meeting potential clients. It was met with very positive feedback as many business owner's saw a great need for values and integrity training