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BIKE COLLECTION IS COMPLETE. We no longer need bikes.


It's going to cost about $20,000 CAD to purchase and ship the container, set up the container and train people. I'd also like to go to Zambia to be there for the initial set up. 

You can donate using the buttons below.

Preferred method--you get a tax receipt and I don't pay any fees--go to the Freedom Centre and Give Online. Make sure to choose Zambia Bike Project from the drop down list. 

If you don't want a tax receipt you can:

send an e-transfer to


use the PayPal link below to pay by credit card (service fees will be deducted from the donation).

Other stuff: 

Tools for the workshop--especially bike specific tools are appreciated. Tubes and tires for the bikes as well.

The school also needs laptop computers to help students. Sewing machines (foot powered or electric) are also welcome.

Thanks for your support! Your donations do make a difference.

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