You just never know...

Happy Easter! He has risen and hope is alive!

It's amazing how life can change directions in a matter of moments. As you might know (and if you don't, you can read my previous post), my Zambia plans were all on hold early this year. But no longer! We are back on track folks.

Over the last few weeks, it occurred to me that if I rent here in Toronto, why not rent in Zambia - accommodations being my biggest hold up in going back. I made some inquiries with my Zambia friends and now I have a wonderful house waiting for me in September. How fantastic is that?

I will be renting a guest house of a local pastor. He lives in the main house with family and a few other people. This is really the perfect set up in some ways. I will be able to learn about living in Zambia with a supportive, family near by. No need to feel secluded or lonely.

This does increase my cost of living significantly and I will also have to get a car to get to and from the village. I will be looking at approximately $500 per month for the rental. A decent used car is almost the same cost as here.  But even if it's only a temporary home until I find something cheaper, I think it's the right thing to do. I feel very good that I will be staying with a family.

So, the goal is to leave mid September and send the container either just before or after I leave. (I will provide an update on the container very soon. Check back to this site often!)

On a sadder note, I have put up this picture of some of the kids learning to use the computer. This was taken on my last visit. These children were some of the brightest in the class and therefore, chosen first in order to help mentor others. The little boy in the foreground is named Alex. Alex recently died. I don't have all the details, but treatable illnesses and malaria are common issues in the village and often take young lives. Be blessed, little Alex.

The banana farm is now pretty much shut down, so the village is really in need of new sources of income. Our founding project, Give Hope, has already started some farming initiatives to help close this gap. With the material from the container, including sewing machines, bicycles and tools, I hope we can start more. 

Thanks for all your love and support. Please continue to keep this project in your prayers and if you would like to make a donation, please click the donation tab.