Bikes for Zambia

In Canada, many of our bikes sit unused or worse, get simply thrown away. In Zambia, a bicycle can save a life, help people’s lives or give people a new dream.

Hope Ignited is partnering with Nsobe Community School to bring its second container to Zambia. With the support of the Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN), this container will be converted into a mechanic’s workshop located at Nsobe Community School. Local Zambians will run and own the business.

There will be so many uses for the 300 bikes shipped. Ambulances (the closest clinic is 10km or 90 minutes of walking away), taxis (shops are 10km away) and to help children get to school (some kids walk 14km—almost two hours of walking—each way just to attend school). Older children from the school will also get vocational training at the workshop—giving them more opportunities for their future. The bicycles will provide many opportunities to rise above poverty.

  • We're going to help local people run a business
  • We're going to improve access to healthcare by creating bike-ambulances
  • We're going to give vocational skills to teenagers
  • We're going to help kids get to and from school
  • We're going to bring mobility to a community
  • We're going to make sustainable change
Ultimately, this is a very practical way to show and share God’s love. Along with empowering people, this has always been Hope Ignited’s mandate.

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