Knitting Group

About three weeks before I left Zambia, our knitting group started their projects. It's been really exciting to see the ladies working together, building relationships and teaching one another. One of the ladies, Hilda, had never knit before. She completed her first sweater (black and white one) and a toque. Way to go Hilda!

I will be selling the items while I'm here in Canada to raise money for the program (and for the ladies) and to create awareness of our little project. If you are interested in any of the pieces below, please let me know. They are all children's sizes.

Check out the video on the right of the ladies working and singing.

(Clockwise from top left) Josephine, Hilda, Astrida, Violet, Mavis and Violet.


Honesta receiving her bicycle.

Jonathan and his dad receiving the bicycle

Misheck and Simon handing out tickets for the first round of distribution.

Day 1 of the distribution--everything was so tidy.

Dad choosing for his daughter--aww. Day 3 distribution...not so tidy :)

Violet took home one of the blankets.

Honesta and Jonathan on the way home from school with their bikes during the first week.

Proud of her new blouse.
Loveness having fun.

Round 2 of the shop. That's me!
Line up outside on the women's day.
(Trying) to keep it orderly.