April-May Updates

It's not like me to put this first, but I would like to start with a plea for your support. I desperately need to get a new (reliable!) vehicle. Please consider a donation towards the vehicle and my living costs. You can donate by clicking here. Thanks!

Otherwise...things are moving along here. Look at the bunny production! These bunnies are being made with our new knitting group in Nkwazi, Ndola. We have about 8 ladies that are part of this group. Our first bunch of bunnies will be going back to Denmark with the Dream Factory team. Later in the year, I hope to be bringing these back to Canada for Christmas (order yours now! lol)

Bunny production--also available in pink, purple and dark brown with eyes and noses :)

There are also two literacy classes in the works. The one in Nkwazi has already started and the second will start next week in Mwenge B. Mwenge B is a rural community close to the old village where I used to work. It's great because some of the adults from the old place come and see me and participate.
Nkwazi English class

We offered the knitting and literacy program to the rural village in Mwenge B and it was really interesting that about 80% of the people who came were interested in learning English above knitting (ie education over money). We know, of course, that a good education leads to prosperity... We have conducted interviews and in the process, decided on not one, but two classes. The great part is that there will be a local teacher handling the beginer class. I'm quite excited about this because it creates a local job and inspires people to build up their community from within.

Mwenge B knitting and literacy candidates (and me!)
The original knitting program will also be expanding within Mwenge B. We are excited that this program has done so well and look forward to the new chapter it is about to begin.

I continue to enjoy my time with Dream Factory. I really want to encourage you to think about coming for a visit and a "volunteer". People do all kinds of things when they come--teach swimming, first aid, arts, music, sports or join in with what we already have on the go. Feel free and be inspired by the volunteer page. We accommodate just about any idea--it's your dream! 
Mwenge B football (that's a ball made of plastic bags)