The Process of Asking

So here I am, getting closer to the big push and big move to Zambia. And now it's all about the funds. So, today I was asking myself--why aren't they coming? 

I was having this little chat with God about how it's His project and therefore I know He can make all the necessary money come in--so why hasn't it? Why am going through this frustrating process?

Let me tell you what it feels like. First of all, as a Canadian, we don't tend to ask for help or money very often. I don't think we are a culture of looking to others for help. The only person I've really ever borrowed money from is my Dad (thank goodness he helped me again and again), but even with this, it made me feel like a failure, needy and unable to get it together enough to take care of myself. That's just the asking part.

Hope Ignited is launched!

The Hope Ignited website is up and running.

This project has gone through a few names. The first was Natasha's Cheesecakes. mmm...all those lovely cheesecake sales paved the way for my first visit to Zambia in 2009.