Give Hope International

Give Hope is the founding organization to the Hope Ignited project. They have brought me inspiration and made it possible for me to work in Zambia. Take a moment to watch the video and learn more about the Kamafwesa village and the projects that are supported by Give Hope.

Visit the Give Hope website by clicking the logo below.

The Container

I was recently out at the container packing a few more boxes. It's like putting a puzzle together. Everything has to go in as tightly as possible because once it's on the sea, there will be lots of rockin'.

Here are some before's and after's of what the container looks like now (click on the pictures to see a larger view).

If you'd like to help me fill the rest, visit the "Container" page for items I'm still looking for.


Check out the village via Google Maps!

Here is the satellite view of the Kamafwesa community. You can see the school, soccer field and the village to the left. These are all dirt roads.

This satellite picture is a little old, but you can see the fire line in the bottom left corner.

If you zoom out, you can also see the river and the dam. And slightly to the north, you will see an old view of the banana farm and the farm house where I used to stay.

Zoom out further and you will see Ndola to the North East.

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The Time has Come!!

Wonderful friends, the time has come! I am returning to Zambia September 24, 2011. I will be staying at least five months. I am so excited - it's been a long journey

I still need your help to make it all possible. We've already begun to make a difference, but here's your opportunity to continue your support.  

Would you take a moment and consider making a financial donation to support the projects we want to facilitate in Zambia? All your donations go directly to Hope Ignited. You will help:   

  • Start small business programs like sewing and knitting groups
  • Provide a library to a rural school  
  • Help families with new clothes, shoes, linens and household goods
  • Provide children with toys and sports equipment
  • Improve self-sustaining agricultural programs with tools and equipment
  • Set up to be able to support and manage these programs until they can grow their own roots  
I know you're please click Donate and make a contribution that counts!