The Time has Come!!

Wonderful friends, the time has come! I am returning to Zambia September 24, 2011. I will be staying at least five months. I am so excited - it's been a long journey

I still need your help to make it all possible. We've already begun to make a difference, but here's your opportunity to continue your support.  

Would you take a moment and consider making a financial donation to support the projects we want to facilitate in Zambia? All your donations go directly to Hope Ignited. You will help:   

  • Start small business programs like sewing and knitting groups
  • Provide a library to a rural school  
  • Help families with new clothes, shoes, linens and household goods
  • Provide children with toys and sports equipment
  • Improve self-sustaining agricultural programs with tools and equipment
  • Set up to be able to support and manage these programs until they can grow their own roots  
I know you're please click Donate and make a contribution that counts!

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