What's in that Container?

After the long, cold winter, I finally ventured back out to the container to see how we're doing with filling it and how it survived the terrible weather.

The container is in great shape. It is parked outside my dad's work reminding him daily of my impending departure--poor man! It has not been tampered with or vandalized which I believe is a true miracle considering it's not the best neighbourhood. Everything inside is dry and in good good condition. Here's a quick list of some of the highlights of what we've gathered:

~9 sewing machines
~4 bicycles
~enough books for a small library
~school supplies and furniture
~a guitar and a drum set
~soccer, baseball, badminton and other sports equipment
~lots of clothes, shoes and linens

Since we already have such a great haul and the container is pretty full, here is the short list of what I am still collecting:
~large fabric pieces or bolts of cloth
~balls of wool
~educational or "how to" books (e.g. do it yourself, carpentry, gardening, knitting patterns, sewing, easy to intermediate science or stories)
~drum sticks and guitar strings
~laptop computers (in good to excellent condition) and educational software

Thanks so much for all you've already given!

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