Hope Ignited is launched!

The Hope Ignited website is up and running.

This project has gone through a few names. The first was Natasha's Cheesecakes. mmm...all those lovely cheesecake sales paved the way for my first visit to Zambia in 2009.

As the scope of the project grew, cheesecakes were just not going to cover it. So to bring in the big picture, I called it "a Father's love for Zambia". This reflected God's love for the poor.

But we have finally matured into our current name --Hope Ignited. Combining the name Give Hope, which is our foundation project, and the essence of Catch the Fire church--Hope Ignited was born.

Get ready. It's going to be an amazing, inspiring adventure.

If you would like to be part of the Hope Ignited mailing list, please email me your details at hopeignited@gmail.com.

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