Changing Seasons

I am sad to announce that my time with the Kamafwesa community has come to an end. Things ended more abruptly than I had hoped but I wish Give Hope International the best as they continue to support that community. With a change of leadership and direction, they have decided that a fresh start is the best thing for their organization.

As this season ends, I continue to keep relationship with the ladies from our knitting group, Misheck and some other members of the community. My hope is that we will at least find a way to keep our knitting group together. We can't always control the outcome of things, but my prayer is that the seeds that were planted during my time there will continue to grow.

I have been quite challenged since I got back to Zambia so I have not had a chance to connect with the village very much. Flu, malaria and a broken car have held me back. But sometimes, these things are all worked together for our good.

So where do I go from here....

Well, the good news is that I am joining a fabulous NGO called Dream Factory. Even the name is exciting! On Monday, I will attend my first staff meeting. Staff meeting!! I've never been so excited by the thought of a staff meeting. You see, I've been on my own out here since I arrived, so being part of a team and finding support through other's experiences is exactly what I need. Plus, I hear there are pancakes afterwards...just need to import some heavenly Canadian maple syrup.

As with Kamafwesa, Dream Factory has a women's empowerment group, uses sports and activities to reach out to community and believes in sharing God's love all the way through. So, I will be starting a new knitting group with the ladies and a literacy class. It's also much closer to home which will help reduce my costs.

Dream Factory is also set up to bring in teams who want to visit, so I hope that some of you, or many of you, might come and experience Zambia some time in the future (don't forget to carry some maple syrup though).

Thank you so much for your continued support. Please pray that this transition would go well, for funding, a working car and blessing upon those in the old community as well as the new one.

If you would like to learn more about Dream Factory, please click here.
If you have inquiries about the Kamafwesa community, please click here to contact Give Hope International.

One of the little munchkins from next door.


  1. Natasha,

    Thanks for bringing us up to date. I pray that the new door that the has opened up for you with Dream Factory will be a life-giving and fulfiling outlet for you and the community that it seeks to serve. May you KNOW the strengthening and provision from the Lord as you continue to serve in Zambia. Intimacy with Holy Spirit is vital for this. Blessings in Yeshua!!