Wascaly wabbits

These little wabbits are ready for a new home. They've got their swagger on and are looking forward to going home with you.

Simple deets:
Each rabbit is $5. Give a donation of $20 or more and you get one "free". (Please let me know if you make a donation).
Colours are limited! If one grabs your heart, please let me know and I will put it aside for you.
Machine washable, delicate, cold water, fluff dry. All rabbits are prewashed.

Need more? Detailed deets:
Buying a rabbit does a good thing. Women who participated in the knitting program this year got 4 kwatcha (almost $1) per rabbit. They also got a ball of wool or more supplies for each rabbit.
hmmm...doesn't sound like much? It is! The minimum wage in Zambia is about $100. Most people don't make minimum wage especially villagers like our ladies. I would say their average income is about $50 a month.   Some of our top producing women made as many as 25-30 bunnies a month, that means about $24 month--that's an income boost of almost 50%. Awesome! Bunnies are sold in local shops to promote ongoing sales, and other bunnies get to find new homes with you.

Next steps:
I'm currently fundraising for next year. Funds go towards expanding the program and keeping it running. To be honest, the biggest cost is the program's founder--me--but also to be honest, it only runs with me there :)
I am also gathering wool, needles and knitting tools to take back to me. This year we had a real problem letting new people into the program because we just couldn't get needles--some ladies actually used bicycle spokes! Please contact me if you have items to contribute. I am limited to how much I can carry back because of luggage restrictions--you can also donate towards extra luggage to help me carry back more.

Plans for next year include expanding the knitting and literacy program. We started with 5 ladies in the knitting program in the first year. This year, we had 9 ladies attending literacy and knitting. Next year, I would like to see that number double again. Remember, supporting one woman helps her empower her whole family, helps her get her children to school and food on the table.

Bless you.

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