When was the last time you sat on your bike?

Do you have a bicycle rusting in your garage? In Canada, many of our bikes sit unused or worse, get simply thrown away. In Zambia, a bicycle can save a life, help people’s lives or give people a new dream.
Hope Ignited is happy to announce we're planning to send a second container to Zambia. This time the focus is on bicycles. In partnership with Nsobe Community School and Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN), we hope to send about 500 bikes and convert the container into a mechanic’s workshop, creating jobs and sustainability. 
  • We're going to help local people run a business. 
  • We're going to give vocational skills to teenagers. 
  • We're going to use the bikes for ambulances. 
  • We're going to help kids get to and from school. 
  • We're going to bring mobility to a community. 
That's just a few ideas. Do you want to be part of this "we"? You can. Stay tuned for opportunities to take part. For now, check out these links for more on our fantastic partners. 

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