Greetings from Zambia!

I've officially arrived! It was a pretty good flight, I managed to sleep (even on the floor of the Nairobi airport lol). But after the 30+ hours of travel, the last were the worst! I just couldn't wait to get out of the plane. I was on the verge of plane-ophobia and clawing my way out. But I didn't and am safely here.

I'm staying with a lovely family in town. They are so kind and friendly. I'm slowly settling in, trying to get connected and working on getting down to the community. My greatest need now is a vehicle so I can get myself around.

TIA (This is Africa) learning moments:  
~ When you can't get a smaller SIM card for your iPhone, take it to the local shop to have the normal one cut down (literally)to size.
~ A response of "yes" does not mean the person has understood you. 
~ I caught myself saying too many "sorry"'s and standing too politely in queues. If you're in any country besides Canada, put your "sorry"'s in a sac and don't be afraid to get a "little" (OMG there's my polite Canadian side still coming out lol) pushy!

Hope to see my old friends down in the village soon and provide you with new stories. The container is expected beginning to mid November. 

This is a picture of my new room. Who knew that I had to come all the way to Zambia to live like Barbie! I love it. Now, if I could only get her figure. haha.

Love and Blessings

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