I was up at 5am this morning. For those that know me well, I'm sure that is a shock. For some reason, it doesn't seem so bad getting up that early here.

It's been very hot. The mornings are nice, but things get pretty warm by noon and then just don't seem to cool off. At least everyone is in the same boat though--the sweaty, sleepy, move slow boat. What works for me is that because of the heat, there is no speed walking here in Zam. People walk long distances but at a slower rate. Makes sense and naturally accommodates my short legs.

So the reason for my early morning wake up was a visit to the local hospital. One of the boys that live here has a sister who was admitted into a psych ward last night. Maize is suffering from panic and anxiety break outs. The girls were each on a bed in a common ward. It smelt like urine. They gave her heavy drugs the night before and she did not wake up when we arrived. We prayed for her and just loved on her and hope that she will wake with a peaceful mind knowing that she is cared for. Her brother, Benjamin, brought her food. It was difficult.

I continue to look for transportation down to the farm. Public transport was suspended to the area because of its remoteness. Buying a car in Zam is expensive because of the import costs and the high demand. Hopefully something works itself out in soon.

Love and blessings

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