Community Mobilization

This week the community came out and volunteered with the preparations for the container and some general improvements around the school. It was great to see how many people showed up (I'm sure the free lunch helped as well lol).

We had ladies cleaning one of the Give Hope houses that will be used as an office, the classrooms where we will store the goods while we sort them and tidying the grounds.

The men worked on (and are still working on) the container foundation and did all the heavy lifting--three guys to a bag of sand! My little Spirit truck groaned at carrying the heavy loads. 

The foundation will take a few days to complete but we are making progress. Thank goodness for the pastor I live with, Jonathan Sichilima. He's a construction engineer and came down this morning to make sure we're on track and doing everything properly. Living as a community has its benefits when you need help.

Here are some pictures from the last few days. Click on them to see the larger picture.

Cleaning the Give Hope classroom--complete with baby-on-back. 
Misheck fixing tap #1 and trying not to get wet
Clearing the area around tap #2--complete with baby-on-back

Gathering sand for the foundation
3 men to one bag--heavy!
Day one: foundation build
Day 2: bricklaying
Little promise rainbow at the end of day 1--look closely under the lowest branch. Rains are on their way...

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