Stuck in the Mud

My grandfather used to play solitaire everyday (with real cards, not on the computer!). I remember him sitting there, rhythmically flipping cards, studying them intensely. When there were no more moves, he would say "stuck in the mud". He really knew what he was talking about...with mud, there is often no way out. With snow at least at some point you're going to hit concrete or hard ground if you keep digging. With mud, you just keep getting deeper, lower, and all the way to China (I'm sure grandpa said that too) if you're not careful. lol. Here's a pic of my mud adventure. It took 5 strong men and all the 4x4 could offer to get out.

On the other hand, our container preparations are not stuck in the mud. Our slab is finally finished. The rain is actually helping our purpose by keeping it drying slowly - 7 days is ideal for it to cure (as long as it took to make the earth). It should be done just in time for the arrival of the container (fingers crossed it's next week).

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