Thank you for all your love and support this year. I wish you a wonderful Christmas. May you and your family be blessed.

TIA moments for your entertainment:
  • When I went to the court office this week to get my passport stamped, the clerk offered me weed that had been confiscated in a case. I laughed and asked him if he had ever smoked any. He said no and eventually gave the bag to his colleague to destroy
  • When putting up posters for the Christmas Party we didn't have the right glue or tape so we bought bubble gum. It's hard to stop chewing it before it looses its flavour but it worked like a charm
  • When I go down to the village, this is generally what happens...I turn into the Pied Piper (see photo)
  • When transportation is scarce, even grown men will turn your vehicle into a clown car (see photo)
Love, blessings and hugs
Walking through the village
Clown Car 1: How many men can fit into a 2x5 foot space?

Clown Car 2: Answer--3!

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