It's Here!!!

Escorting the truck to the farm
The container has finally arrived! Wow! 4 to 6 weeks was really 4 to 6 months but it was worth it! Everything arrived in perfect condition--nothing even shifted inside. When we opened it it looked exactly like the day when we closed the doors. The fragile things like the dishes, cups and even my coffee Bodum were even in tact. What a miracle! (click on the pictures for a closer look)

Heart Attack #1: Manually lifting the wire for the truck
There were some definite "heart-attack" moments as we manually tried to get the container off the truck, but everything went ok--my biggest prayer was that no one should have to go to the hospital and no one did :) It had rained a lot the night before and the truck could not get into position next to our foundation (of course, everything is dry now lol). We will have to deal with that part later.

Tractor getting ready to manually pull 'er off.
Heart Attack #2: Tipsy!
We unloaded the container the night before --in the dark and in the pouring rain. Everyone was so excited, I couldn't have stopped them if I tried. It turned out to be a blessing considering how hard it was to get the container off the truck the next day.

Everything was moved into a secure classroom at Give Hope. We have now sorted it all and are preparing to start distribution of the clothes and one-time donations this weekend. Then get our programs rolling!

I can't believe this day has finally come! I was so giddy when the truck was following us down the road. This has been a two-year long project with all kinds of ups and downs. Even over the last few weeks everyone--the community, Misheck and I -- all were just becoming exhausted by the wait. But how hope fulfilled fills you with new life (Prov 13:12). We are all rejuvenated and beyond excited at what 2012 will bring.

Thank you everyone for your support. It would not have been possible without you.



    Your faithfulness to the LORD through the thick and thin has paid off for the blessing of many! Thanks =)

    Isn't it awesome to serve Jesus Christ! Yeehaw!


  2. So awesome to see you using your gifts for God's work! It's an inspiration!

  3. So cool to see how it all turned out on the other side of the world! Incredible to see answered prayers, and this is just the beginning of it! Praise God!!!